Ideal Organizing +Design: Do I Need A Professional Organizer?


By: Jennifer Dwight, IOD Organizing Coach

If you are asking yourself this question, the answer is probably YES.

Here are some easy ways to determine if you’re having trouble staying organized.


You might need an organizer if…

  1. Many items in your home don’t have a place. This creates clutter and you can’t seem to get a handle on it.
  2. You look for a lost item you know you have, can’t find it and buy a new one. Sometime later it turns up and you now have duplicates. You have wasted time, space, and money! More on this HERE
  3. You use the stairs as storage space. Grabbing clutter that belongs upstairs is smart if you grab it on your next trip upstairs and take it to its destination. If not, it’s dangerous!
  4. You never do all the laundry because there’s no way to put it away. (Dirty laundry is a poor choice for a storage option)
  5. You just have too much stuff, and can’t find the time to sort and organize it.
  6. You use the floor as storage.
  7. Your garage has become a storage unit instead of protecting your vehicle(s).
  8. You dream of an organized lifestyle, but it never seems to happen.
  9. You just know that you could be organized if you had a little help.

Ideal Organizing and Design has a team of experts who are compassionate and empathetic professionals. We strive to improve the quality of life for our clients no matter what their organizational challenges may be.

Professional Organizers can help with the stuff. An Organizing Coach can support changes in behavior that maintain your beautiful, newly organized space.

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