Time to Refresh!

Spring is here and we are surrounded by fresh air and beautiful colors. And nothing says “organized” at this time of year like a good spring cleaning. Now is the perfect time to refresh your home using a few expert organizing and decorating tips.

  1. Freshen your curtains. Open your windows, enjoy the breeze, and while enjoying the warm sunshine do an extra load of laundry to clean your machine-washable curtains. Be sure to choose the delicate cycle!
  2. Clean your ceiling fans. You will likely be using them soon with much warmer weather, fast approaching.
  3. Put away your heavy winter bedding and switch to light, colorful summer bedding. Remove all winter accessories and decor items such as throws, knit or wool pillow covers, and winter pattern tablecloths and replace them with items of colorful pastel hues and bright light materials.
  4. Fresh flowers. Use vases or pitchers for fresh flowers to add a pop of spring color and happiness.
  5. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate your kitchen.
  6. Do-It-Yourself. If you have the materials at home, try creating your own DIY spring decorations such as making a spring wreath, or painting a flower pot.
  7. Take care of the outside. To make your home beautiful on the outside too, take regular care to cut the grass, clear out leaves and properly prune plants.

Implementing a few of these tips will surely brighten your outlook as we ramp up for the outdoor season. 

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