Getting Organized: Are you trying to be Perfect?

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Getting Organized:

Are you trying to be Perfect?

By: Jennifer A Dwight
Organizing Coach, IOD

Some people think Professional Organizers are perfect. (We’re not!)

“You don’t have to be perfect, just do your best.”
Offered by an older adult to the High School Senior Class of 2020.

At Ideal Organizing + Design, we think this is good advice.

Are you ready to decide that your best is good enough?

What about when you’re too tired to do your “best.”

Maybe just taking a nap is your best at that moment, and that’s ok.

It’s okay to redefine what your best is.

Just like it’s ok to make plans for yourself and then change them.

You’re the one who made the plans, why can’t you change them? They’re your plans!

Perhaps we need to ask for help.

Where does perfectionism come from?
I’m not sure where we get these wacky ideas of perfectionism from, but I have a few ideas.

Browse through any home magazine or Pinterest and you will see beautifully enhanced and airbrushed images.

Has anyone actually ever cooked or eaten in this kitchen?

Any beauty, style, or fitness media will bombard you with a perfection that isn’t even real.

This Dove video showing contrived female beauty is eye-opening.

Being organized doesn’t mean being perfect.

Ceasing the endless effort to be perfect should be your first priority, and will bring clarity and peace of mind.

Try to remember an existing experience in which you were able to relax, let go and enjoy the ride. Wear life like a loose garment.


Organizing for Real People

Doing the work needed to declutter our domains and make them functional and stylish does take some time and effort.

Once you find the system that is perfect for you, life gets less complicated.

Time and money are not wasted looking for or purchasing more lost items.

Take a look at our Ideal Proven Process for some ideas on how we do it.

(click image below to watch our Ideal Proven Process Video)

Some people can do the middle three steps on their own with great results.

If you continue to struggle with your belongings and can’t seem to get a handle on them, let alone find the perfect system, it might be time for professional help.

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As a Professional Organizer and Coach, I’ve spent much of my life trying to be perfect.

I now find that striving for excellence, as I define it, is way more fun!
I’d love to hear about your struggles with perfectionism or anything else.

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