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How to decorate your bedroom

By: Lubbi Saed, IOD Interior Designer

The bedroom should be your personal getaway that reflects your favorite colors, feelings and collections.

There are a few rules you can follow when decorating your bedroom.

Choose Subtle Paint Colors

Instead of bold primary colors, choose light soothing shades and a palette of monochromatic tones. Remember the color theory that light hues of blue, lavender and green are considered calming and restful. Using toned down versions of your favorite colors will make your space very relaxing.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The ceiling is the fifth wall in your room when you lay down on the bed. Give it a fresh coat of paint that is a shade lighter than the walls.  You may even consider adding a subtle pattern or soft color.

You can also add wallpaper to your ceiling or add architectural elements like beams or molding.

Keep It Simple

The bedroom should look cozy, sophisticated and elegant. Regardless of what style you are trying to follow, you should consider leaving enough space between the pieces of furniture where you can move comfortably in the room.

Furnish your room with only what you need. A bed, 2 night stands, a dresser and a chair or a bench are necessities, anything else is clutter.

Accessories should be minimal; Artwork, family pictures on the wall, flowers and a candle on your dresser are more than enough.

Choose the Right Size Furniture

When purchasing your bedroom furniture make sure to measure your room. Furniture should fit in the room leaving enough space for circulation. If your room is small, don’t pick bulky furniture and if you have a high ceiling you might want to consider a tall headboard.

Think About Storage

Having enough storage in the bedroom will make your life easier and help you keep it organized all the time. When purchasing bedroom furniture look for platform beds with storage underneath, and nightstands with drawers. If you already have a bed without storage, you might want to consider adding a trundle or under bed storage bins. You might want to add a nice bin under your night stand, in case you don’t have a drawer, to hide the items you need to use every night.

The Bed & Linens

Your bed is the biggest piece in the bedroom, and it is the first thing you will see when entering your bedroom. Making your bed every morning is a MUST. Invest in a good quality duvet cover and shams.  Using white will always give you the crisp, clean feeling that you get when walking into a hotel room.  Add a few decorative pillows and a throw.

Cover Your Windows

Even if you have blinds, you don’t want to see those plastic pieces hanging on your windows.

Cover it with beautiful patterns and color drapes to give your room a cozy feeling.


Never mix and match your table lamps. That symmetry will give you that elegant look you want to have in your bedroom.

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