Give the Timeless Gift of Time – Four Gift Ideas Better Than Gold

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”  Benjamin Franklin, one of the highest achievers of all time, understood the value of organizing wisely when he made this statement. He knew that time is a necessary yet finite commodity.

What resource is given to every person in equal amounts each day, despite wealth or power? Even more precious than gold? Time, of course! We speak of spending time, using time wisely, and making time count. We also perceive wasting time and not ever having enough time. It’s something that everyone would like to have more of! How perfect would it be if we could figure out a way to give the gift of time?


Here are four gift ideas that give the gift of time.


  • Password Vault. No more time wasted resetting passwords. If you’re concerned with internet security, look no further. A device such as the Sharper Image Password Vault keeps your passwords handy and is not connected to the internet. 

  • Book. The Lazy Genius Way: Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t, and Get Stuff Done by Kendra Adachi. Her clever, funny, and oh-so-smart approach to productivity principles will save you hours of time and frustration. 

  • Packing cubes. Is there any other way to pack anymore? Since switching over there’s no turning back. Packing cubes make it so easy to organize clothes into categories, but most of all, they make unpacking at destination quick and easy while keeping everything from turning into a mess. 

  • The Gift of Organizing! This is ideal if you are looking for a gift that will stand out, be truly memorable, and if you would like to provide an experience rather than another item that may just end up as clutter. If you have already worked with a Professional Organizer, you know how life-changing even a day or two with them can be. 


So if you want to give someone the precious, priceless, and timeless gift of time, we recommend these gifts so that they can invest the minutes now and realize the hours henceforth. 


As one of our wise clients once said, “It would have taken me 6 months to do what the Ideal Organizing + Design team did in 2 days.”

Ideal Organizing + Design wishes you a most joyous holiday season filled with peace of mind, freedom and time.

By Jennifer Dwight. Jenn is a Gold Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and has been a Professional Organizer since 2011. Jenn has also taken courses in Interior Design to enhance her knowledge and broaden her skills. She specializes in Virtual Organizing and Coaching. Contact us at 757-777-8685 or