How to Transition Holiday Decorations into a Winter Wonderland



Now that the holidays are over, it’s the perfect time to decorate your home for the winter season. You can do it in a cozy way, still maintaining the warm spirit without the holiday colors. 



Below are easy steps to help you transition your decor.

Remove items – The first step is to always declutter by discarding or donating any unwanted items. Next, pack away all red items in your space. Make sure to label your boxes as you pack, this way it’s easy to find what you need next year!

Keep items – Leave your cable knit and faux fur throws and pillows out. These items will give your space an instant feeling of warmth! 

Greenery – Leave your garland and your evergreen stems used for Christmas. Leave all winter white plants. If your tree is still fresh you can clip some branches to create more winter arrangements. Just pack any greenery with red berries!

Candles and fireplace – Make sure to decorate with candles and lanterns. The scent and the light will give you that magical warm feeling. If you don’t use your fireplace you can still add ambiance by adding authentic wooden logs. 

Colors – Use warm, neutral colors in your decor and include a variety of textures including wooden objects and wicker baskets. 

Lighting – Use soft lighting with a yellowish tone to warm up your space.

And, as always, nothing makes your home feel cozier than displaying family photos and sharing beautiful memories. Enjoy the season!

Interior Designer, Lubbi Saed enjoys the different ways everyone sees and experiences the world. As an interior designer for 7 years, Lubbi loves using different colors and materials to watch her clients’ dreams and her vision come alive. Working with contractors and clients directly, her desire is to help people live in an appropriate and attractive space. Contact Lubbi at