Organization is Key to Seniors’ Wintertime Safety and Comfort

Depending on where you live, winter weather can be dangerous or even life-threatening. Seniors are particularly vulnerable as balance, eyesight, and stamina are diminished. They are also more susceptible to hypothermia, slips and falls, frostbite, and overexertion from shoveling. 

It’s safest to stay cozy with winter decor and warm comforting food and beverages during the winter months, but if you must brave the elements, you need to be smart! Mishaps are more likely to happen when people don’t plan ahead. Take a little extra time in the winter to be proactive and be prepared. 

Organizing Tips to help you maintain Winter Safety and Comfort:


Tips for You

  • Wear cargo pants instead of carrying a purse to keep your hands free.
  • Keep a charged cell phone on you at all times.
  • Don appropriate outerwear and layers for the temperature.
  • Walk slowly and mindfully.


Tips for your Vehicle

If you were stranded in your car for a few hours or overnight would you be ok? What should you have with you to stay safe, warm, and comfortable? Here is a partial list:

  • A warm blanket, food, and drinking water..maybe a pillow?
  • Salt and sand, small shovel or mat to get unstuck.
  • Emergency light.
  • Rubbing alcohol and an ice scraper for windshield ice removal.
  • Extra shoes or boots, dry socks, an extra change of clothes in case you get wet.
  • Sunglasses for glare.
  • First Aid Kit. This is a year-round must-have.


Tips for your Home

  • Keep walkways and stairs shoveled and sanded.
  • Consider installing handrails.
  • Install and maintain bright lighting anywhere you may walk.
  • If you have a garage, you should be using it for you and your vehicle, not as a storage unit. (Hint: We are experts at getting your garage back!)


Tips for your Entryway and Foyer

If you don’t have a garage, it can be dangerous trying to juggle groceries, while unlocking the door and balancing yourself on an icy surface. Keeping hands as free as possible is important.

  • Have an outdoor landing strip. (A convenient surface area for groceries and such.)
  • Have an indoor bench to remove and store boots.
  • Have a hook for keys and winter outerwear.
  • Have a nonskid, indoor surface to land on.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter for 2021 so make the most of it! Start that organizing project, stay safe, and remember,  Ideal Organizing + Design is ready to help you whenever you are. 

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