Is 2021 Your Year to Get Organized?


Let’s face it, 2020 has been a remarkable year. We probably haven’t had such a difficult year collectively for at least one or maybe two generations. Have you been able to find any Peace of Mind, Freedom, and Time?



Hopefully, you have found time to be kind to yourself and loved ones amid all the upheavals of “normal” life. If, however, your spaces and life have become more disorganized, you’re not alone. Trying to stay organized while dealing with so many changes is challenging for all of us. 

Feeling Stuck in Clutter?

Maybe your home office and paperwork are out of control or your garage has become a storage unit instead of protecting your vehicle. Perhaps your closets are overflowing with unused and/or unneeded items. Don’t beat yourself up. Organizing is one of the top challenges of our time.

 Disorganization is at the root of many modern problems. What it’s like to be disorganized:

  • Your health is suffering because you’re stressed.
  • You’re stressed because you’re late.
  • You’re late because you can’t find something you need.
  • You can’t find something you need because you have too much stuff.
  • You have too much stuff because you purchase items without knowing where they will be stored or even if you have any storage space left. Stuff keeps coming in and nothing leaves to make space for the new items.

Why pay for help? 

If you can organize yourself, of course, you don’t need a professional. Just a friendly helper should do. But, most of us think we should be able to organize ourselves even when experience shows that we can’t. Just like becoming a master at anything, there are factors that give some an advantage and others a disadvantage.

For instance…

Some people are amazing cooks. They can easily whip up a tasty, delicious meal as fast as others can call for take-out delivery! A few may have been born this way, with innate, natural talent. Most either learned the skills from their parents or they studied and read cookbooks or took classes and practiced.

Ultimately, some people find they don’t enjoy cooking, some lack the time needed and others simply haven’t practiced enough to become proficient…and that is why we have an entire industry of prepared meals! Usually, nobody feels guilty for not making home-cooked meals in this day and age.

Organizing is a similar skill. If your family was organized growing up, you are probably pretty organized. If not, you can learn, but it will take a considerable amount of time and practice. If you have attempted this process alone and still feel like you are not getting the hang of it, it may be time to invest in a professional service.

We can help you learn! 

Here is a free tutorial on how to Organize a Junk Drawer from Ideal Organizing + Design. Give it a try!

We would love to help you reach and maintain all your organizing goals in 2021! Start by learning to organize one simple area or your entire home.

Jennifer Dwight is a Gold Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and has been a Professional Organizer since 2011. Jenn has also taken courses in Interior Design to enhance her knowledge and broaden her skills. She specializes in Virtual Organizing and Coaching. Contact us at 757-777-8685 or