Ideal Organizing + Design: From Chaos to Clarity

From Chaos…

to Clarity

By Jennifer A Dwight

Organizing Coach, IOD

Cha-os I kā-,äs   

1  a: a state of utter confusion

   b: a confused mass or      


Synonyms: confusion, disarrangement, disarray, dishevelment,

disorder, jumble, messiness, muddle, shambles

*from Merriam Webster Dictionary


If this describes any aspect of your life, read on! 


The Challenge:

As Professional Organizers, we see a LOT of chaos. Almost without exception, each client thinks their space is the worst and they are embarrassed. The best thing about our job is the joy we bring when we transform crazy, cluttered, and chaotic areas into beautiful and functional work or living spaces. 

To give you some perspective, here are some real, unretouched before and after pictures from real projects that our teams at Ideal Organizing + Design have completed.

While not nearly as glamorous as the super-enhanced and perfectly lit images in the lifestyle magazines or on Pinterest, they depict how areas in disarray can be transformed into good looking and efficient spaces. 

How we do it:

In most cases, there is a good deal of clutter when we arrive. Sometimes it initially seems overwhelming but we just start talking, listening, and sorting with the client. At some point, usually 20-30% into the project, there is a tipping point. This is my favorite part of the project. I will begin to envision the finished project and just KNOW how to get there. The client usually doesn’t see it until much farther along. I really feel that this ability to see the underlying organized space is one of the most important intangible skills that professional organizers bring to the table. 

Can this really happen? Is it possible to change a lifetime of habits and achieve a peaceful, tranquil, and joyous home?

If you want it enough, absolutely!

If you are living a chaotic lifestyle, and are ready to transition to more tranquility and peace, give us a call at 757-777-8685 or CLICK HERE to send an email.