Ideal Organizing + Design: How to Increase Your Home’s Value

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How to Increase Your Home’s Value

By: Lubbi Saed

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, you have to keep in mind the idea that spending money will bring back money.

Whether you are thinking about listing your house now or staying in it until further notice, it’s a great idea to invest in it.

Below are few tips on how to do that:

Update Your Front Door

It’s the first thing that the buyer is going to see when they come to view your house.

You can give it a fresh coat of paint or simply replace it with a new stylish door.  Make sure that the new door matches the style of your house.

Curb Appeal 

Power wash your porch and give your window trim and side rails a fresh coat of paint.  Decorate your entrance with plants and be sure that both the front and back yard are freshly landscaped.

Update Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen will add the most value and will make your house stand out in the real estate market. If you decide to remodel your kitchen make sure to use a functional, and durable counter-top and sink.  You can always give your kitchen a new look by staining or painting your cabinets.  Add new hardware and light fixtures. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, in a natural color, is a great idea too.

Update Your Bathrooms

Just like the kitchen, your bathrooms will add great value to your home.  Follow the same rules you used to update your kitchen. Decorate your bathroom with new towels and a plant. 

Make sure your systems are working properly

Check your heating/cooling system.  Make sure your appliances are up to date.  Doing so will increase the value of your home.

Space Planning

Invest in a few hours with an interior designer to stage your home and space plan it.

The designer will help you incorporate the character of the house and the most functional way to furnish it.  Also, it’s going to help the buyers visualize themselves living in the space.

Fresh Neutral Paint

Fresh neutral paint will make your house feel spacious and welcoming.  You can’t go wrong with an off white and light cream color palette, Try to stay away from neon, dark and harsh colors.