Paint colors that will help you sell your house QUICKLY!

Paint colors that will help you sell your house quick!

You’ve decided that it’s time to sell your house. Before you call your agent, or list it on your own, you may want to freshen and update the house to make it ready to compete with what’s on the market. Painting the interior and the exterior is a great option to update you home before selling it.

Choosing the right paint color will transform your home!


Choosing Paint color:

When you think about painting your home before selling, you also want to think about the buyer. Buyers are typically looking for homes that are move-in ready.  If they don’t have to paint their new space, it will make their decision to purchase your home an easier one.  When choosing your paint color try to stay away from dark, deep and bold colors, such us red, dark brown, gold or neon colors.  Instead, choose a natural pallet.  This will help the buyer visualize their furniture and décor in the space.

Neutral colors are fun and will elevate the look of your house, creating a great background for furniture and art work.

When you think neutral think grays or beige’s such as Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray or Balanced Beige. These timeless shades will make your home cleaner and more practical than if you use bright colors.


Samples of Grays and Beige’s:

Neutral might not be your style, but remember that your goal is to sell the house by making it appealing to the majority of buyers.

If you’re afraid that the house will look flat or boring, you can create accent walls in darker shades of neutral colors such as Sherwin Williams Peppercorn gray or Sherwin Williams Tavern Taupe.

Sample of Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Gray:

Sample of Sherwin Williams Tavern Taupe:

Exterior paint:


The Exterior is just as important as the interior.  It is the first thing the buyers will see when they come to view your house.

Curb appeal isn’t only about landscaping.  The paint color may also need an update.

When you pick paint for your exterior keep in mind the style of your home and complement it. For example: Tudor-style homes are known for their brown, cream and white exterior, which complement the bricks and stones. Painting a Tudor-style home another color will take away from their elegance. While other styles, such Colonial-style homes, are found in different color schemes.

Keep it simple and choose one color for the shutters, window trims and another color for the rest of the house.

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